Tuesday 27 July 2010

Low mileage, one owner used cars

When buying a used car there are quite a few tips to help you get the right vehicle and benefits if you try to purchase one owner, low mileage used cars with service history.Most Manchester car dealers will have a selection of used cars for sale offering different packages included in the sale price. Firstly decide on the type of used car that suits you and your family, decide on your budget, ask questions such as insurance group of the vehicle, how much is the road tax, what warranty is given with the car, does it have a service history and a current mot, how many owners has the vehicle had, what sort of fuel consumption can I expect to get from the vehicle, servicing costs and any other questions that may come into your head when you go to purchase your used car.

Where possible try and buy from a garage local to your area who you know have been there for some time.Ask people you know that have bought used cars from that garage have they been happy with their purchase, if there have been problems with the vehicle did the garage put the problem right, asking all these questions will steer you in the right direction and give you peace of mind when purchasing your used car.

Again where possible try and buy your used car from a garage that is a member of the Trading Standards Fair Play Charter which demonstrates their commitment to Fair and Honest Trading.Most Manchester car dealers will no doubt be able to offer finance to their customers ask the A P R you will be paying and check they are putting you with a finance company you feel comfortable with.

The benefits of buying a One Owner low mileage used car with service history are that you know the vehicle has had the maintenance it requires to keep the car in good condition and reducing the possibility of problems in the future.All vehicles require regular servicing and checking to keep them in good working order.

The most important thing to keep your engine in good working order is regular oil changes to help reduce wear on engine components and keep your engine running efficiently, check tyre pressures weekly as over or under inflated tyres can reduce the life of the tyres and can also effect fuel consumption,check brake pads on each service to avoid allowing them to get to low and causing damage to the brake discs, check wiper blades as worn blades can scratch your windscreen, check cambelt and tensioner condition and replace as manufactures recommendation as a snapped cambelt can cause untold damage and  result in a very expensive garage bill.

Keeping your car well serviced / maintained will also help to keep up your resale value when disposing of your vehicle.

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