Friday 28 August 2009

Grange Garage Warranty


All used cars sold by Grange Garage carry a warranty; if the vehicle is above £3000 it carries a 12 months warranty and vehicles under £3000 carry a three month warranty.

We underwrite the warranty ourselves at the Garage so it is not an insurance backed warranty, where you have to ring a claims line and have an engineer inspect your car Etc. You simply in the event of a claim pick up the phone and speak to Tony or Peter who will deal with the fault/claim the best way possible often by bringing the vehicle back to ourselves for prompt repair.

To find out more about our used car warranty’s simply click on the warranty page of our website for full details of what’s covered and how it works, or again call Tony or Peter who will be happy to discuss it in full.

Grange Garage Finance


At Grange Garage we have access to many different finance companys and are able to offer a variety of finance packages to suit all peoples needs,with excellent rates avaliable often beating direct lenders eg banks and building societys.If you are looking for help to fund the purchase of your new vehicle why not obtain a no obligation quote from us to compare elsewhere.

We also have links with finance companies who can help those people who have had trouble obtaining finance in the past. We do not offer such statements as GUARANTEED FINANCE but we can often help with those who are looking to repair a poor credit record and we will always advise and help with this the best we can.

As well as used cars we also specialise in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and can offer great finance packages to help with the purchase of such vehicles as we work closely with the market leader in this field.

You do not have to be in employment to obtain finance on one of our adapted vehicles as they are able to take in to account DLA, Pensions, Careers allowances Etc, as proof of income. If you would like any more information about this service please ask for Tony or Peter and we will assist you as best we can.