Tuesday 27 July 2010

Low mileage, one owner used cars

When buying a used car there are quite a few tips to help you get the right vehicle and benefits if you try to purchase one owner, low mileage used cars with service history.Most Manchester car dealers will have a selection of used cars for sale offering different packages included in the sale price. Firstly decide on the type of used car that suits you and your family, decide on your budget, ask questions such as insurance group of the vehicle, how much is the road tax, what warranty is given with the car, does it have a service history and a current mot, how many owners has the vehicle had, what sort of fuel consumption can I expect to get from the vehicle, servicing costs and any other questions that may come into your head when you go to purchase your used car.

Where possible try and buy from a garage local to your area who you know have been there for some time.Ask people you know that have bought used cars from that garage have they been happy with their purchase, if there have been problems with the vehicle did the garage put the problem right, asking all these questions will steer you in the right direction and give you peace of mind when purchasing your used car.

Again where possible try and buy your used car from a garage that is a member of the Trading Standards Fair Play Charter which demonstrates their commitment to Fair and Honest Trading.Most Manchester car dealers will no doubt be able to offer finance to their customers ask the A P R you will be paying and check they are putting you with a finance company you feel comfortable with.

The benefits of buying a One Owner low mileage used car with service history are that you know the vehicle has had the maintenance it requires to keep the car in good condition and reducing the possibility of problems in the future.All vehicles require regular servicing and checking to keep them in good working order.

The most important thing to keep your engine in good working order is regular oil changes to help reduce wear on engine components and keep your engine running efficiently, check tyre pressures weekly as over or under inflated tyres can reduce the life of the tyres and can also effect fuel consumption,check brake pads on each service to avoid allowing them to get to low and causing damage to the brake discs, check wiper blades as worn blades can scratch your windscreen, check cambelt and tensioner condition and replace as manufactures recommendation as a snapped cambelt can cause untold damage and  result in a very expensive garage bill.

Keeping your car well serviced / maintained will also help to keep up your resale value when disposing of your vehicle.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Manchester Car Dealers

There are many manchester car dealers varying from franchised dealers to car supermarkets down to small independent garages all selling cars of various makes,models and mileages from prestige models to family cars and cars for first time buyers. Most garages have the facility to offer their customers finance packages from various lenders subject to status and will offer some kind of warranty on the vehicle depending on the age and mileage of the car.

Grange Garage are one of the few manchester car dealers that are members of the Trading Standards Fair Play Charter and offer 12 months warranty on most vehicles. The used cars sold by Grange Garage are in the main low mileage, one or two owner vehicles with service history. All vehicles are checked and serviced before they leave our premises. We also offer an after sales service if required which includes all types of repairs, servicing, brakes, mots and valeting. All vehicles carried out at very competetive prices. Regular maintenence and servicing of your vehicle will help keep your used car safe and reliable and help preserve its resale value as well as giving you confidence in your car.

Various finance packages are available and  we also accept most major credit/debit cards and are open 7 days with under cover viewing available. Grange Garage are a family run used car dealer owned by Father and Son for the last 14 years, during which time they have provided quality used cars to customers throughout the local area  as well as customers from outside the area,quite a high pecentage of the customers who have purchased a used car from the garage have been personally recommended.

If you are considering buying a quality used car it may be in your interest to visit Grange Garage where you will be assured of  a friendly no pressure approach and have the knowledge that the used car you are buying is provided with a warranty backed by ourselves and promotes a policy of Fair and Honest Trading as members of  the Trading Standards Fair Play Charter. AA or RAC inspections are welcomed for your peace of mind.

Thursday 27 May 2010

Manchester Car Dealers

Grange garage are a Manchester car dealers that specialise in the sale of low mileage, one owner used cars and low mileage,one owner used wheelchair accessible vehicles.

We offer all the usual dealer facilities such as finance, warranty and part exchange.
We also have our own workshop facilities here at the garage and can take care of all aspects of servicing and repairs and Mot's.

Here are a few things it is important to check on you used car during the summer months to keep it running safely and reliably:

Coolant/anti freeze
The antifreeze in your used cars cooling system is not just to stop it freezing in the winter it also acts as a coolant to keep you engine running at the correct temperature during the summer.The level should be checked around once every two weeks and the strength checked around twice a year (winter and summer).

Your tyres will possibly have worn more over the winter and should be checked for any wear or cracks.If you check the tyre pressures around once every two weeks you can visually inspect them for any wear at the same time.

Engine oil
Your used car wont use any more or less oil during the winter or summer but it is very important to check your oil level once every two weeks to keep your engine lubricated and running smoothly.

Air conditioning
If your used car has air conditioning it is a good idea to have it serviced or checked that it is working correctly and operating at the correct temperature.As it wont have been used over the winter much you can get a build up of bacteria in the system which can result in health issues,so again it may need to be treated with an antibacterial spray to avoid or remedy this issue.Also your used car will be fitted with a pollen filter which will need to be replace approx once a year.

As members of the trading standards fair play charter we feel it is very important to provide all our customers with a quality after sales service and will be happy to check all of the above things for you free of charge.

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Manchester car dealers

Grange garage are a Manchester car dealers based in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire which is close to Stockport and Manchester airport. We are a family run used car dealer that specialise in one owner, low mileage used cars with service history. Grange Garage are one of the only used car dealers in the Manchester area that specialises in wheelchair adapted vehicles and wheelchair accessible vehicles.

We carry a stock of around 35 used cars from smaller vehicles to larger family vehicles in both petrol and diesel and manual and automatic. We have been established in the area now for 13 years and pride ourselves on the quality of our low mileage, one owner used cars and the after sales service we provide. As a direct result of this we have been members of the trading standards fair play charter since 2002.

We have our own on site mechanic and carry out all our own servicing and repairs. Also we offer our garage services to all our customers at very competitive rates from servicing and mot's to general repairs and maintenance. All our used cars are supplied with a parts and labour warranty and are serviced and MOT'd prior to collection.

We also take part exchange on all our used cars and can offer excellent car finance packages through one of the many lenders we have access to. We can also provide car finance for people who have had trouble obtaining finance in the past as we have access to several lenders who are specialists in this field. Feel free to browse our website and view all our used cars and if you cant see the vehicle you are looking for give us a call and we will try and source it for you.

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Low mileage used cars

Grange garage are a family run Manchester car dealers based in Cheadle, Hulme and Cheshire, which is close to Stockport .We specialise in low mileage used cars with service history. We handpick all the low mileage used cars we sell ourselves and we prepare, valet and service all our low mileage used cars on the premises.

We believe that if you purchase a low mileage used car it will not only last you longer but will also hold its resale value better.

As members of the trading standards fair play charter we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our used cars but also on the quality of our overall service.

Once you have purchased a used car from ourselves we can take care of all your motoring needs from valeting to servicing and all other repairs.

All the used cars we sell are sold with a warranty and we can offer some excellent finance packages and also take your old vehicle in part exchange.

We have been established in the area now for many years and alot of our business is repeat or recomendation.
Also we sell alot of cars via the internet to people from all over the northwest and the rest of the country.

Friday 26 February 2010

Manchester Car Dealers

Grange garage are a Manchester Car Dealers specialising in low mileage, one owner used cars and wheelchair accessible vehicles.We offer full dealer facilities here at the garage such as part exchange, and can offer excellent finance packages on all our vehicles. All vehicles are supplied with a parts and labour warranty and you can buy from us with confidence knowing we have been members of the trading standards fair play charter since 2002.

To view our current used car stock and wheelchair accessible vehicle please visit the stock list page of our website.

To keep your new purchase in good order and safe there are a few simple checks you can carry out yourself, which are as follows.

Check your engine oil level at least every 2 weeks it is very important to keep the engine oil level correct to avoid any engine wear.

Check your anti freeze/water level also at least every 2 weeks again this will keep you engine and cooling system in goog working order.

Check your tyre conditions and pressures, this will ensure that your vehicles road handling is correct and also aids fuel economy.

If you would prefer just call in to manchester car dealers, Grange Garage and we will happily cary out all the above checks on your used car for you.

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Using your vehicle during winter

Manchester car dealers Grange Garge always strives to put its customers first. Why not take advantage of the free information below, this will prove worth your while in the long run.

Over the last few weeks as we are all aware the weather has been the worst we have had in over 30 years. In these conditions with all the ice, snow and rain on the roads. It is very important that you maintain your vehicle especially if you are going to use your car on a regular basis. The following need checking:

Check that all your tyres are in good condition and that they are set to the correct pressure; this will reduce MPG figures if underinflated. The tyre pressure settings can be found in the owner’s handbook for your car or usually there is a sticker on the inside of the car door with them on. If you have any trouble locating it, a good rule of thumb for most vehicles is 32psi all round. Or feel free to call in to the garage and we will set them for you.

Anti Freeze
During the winter it is very important to check that the strength of the anti freeze in you vehicles engine is correct to prevent the water in the vehicle becoming frozen. Trying to start a vehicle with a frozen water system can result in severe engine damage due to it overheating. It takes just a few minutes to check the strength and only an hour or so to drain the system and top up if needed. If you are not capable in doing this yourself why not pop into our Garage in Cheadle.

Windscreen Wipers and Washers
Again during the winter your windscreen wipers and washers are used a lot more than the summer months so it is important to check that your wiper blades are in good condition, make sure they are not torn or split. Split wiper blades will not clear your screen properly resulting in poor overall vision of the road ahead. Also your windscreen washer fluid needs to be kept topped up with a mixture of screen wash and water so that doesn't freeze in the winter months. It is also very important to check that during freezing conditions that your wipers are not frozen to the windscreen before using them, if they are this can result in damage to your wiper blades or possibly burning out the wiper motor. All you need to do to prevent this is just lift the wiper arms off the screen to check they are not frozen before using your wipers. Wiper blades and screen wash are also available at the garage.

During the winter months even more so than normal due to poor visibility it is once again important to make sure that all the lights on your car are working correctly. It takes just a few minutes to check them and it is a fairly simple and cheap to change any bulb, all of which can be done again at the garage.

De-Icer/Ice Scrapper
It is a very good idea to carry a can of de-icer and an ice scrapper in your vehicle to help you clear the ice off your vehicle to maximise visibility.